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"If I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces,

I would still plant my apple tree"

Martin Luther King

Environmental responsibility is a top priority for us. Our permanent goal is to be carbon positive, and to periodically plant trees in eroded areas within our area of influence. We have decided to let our actions speak and as a team, we feel obliged to combat global warming and deforestation.

With our own resources, we have so far planted nearly 140 trees. We will keep doing so. Our contribution is not and will not be dependant on, or conditioned to purchases of our services in any way.

The carbon footprint measures the amount of carbon dioxide emitted or its equivalent to other greenhouse gases (GHG) produced with one's daily activities. 

Calculate your carbon footprint:

“Sawmills of Chocó”

Gonzalo Ariza, 1956

Bank Art Collection of the Republic of Colombia

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