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Our company started in 2006 as Del Valle Finanzas Corporativas (DVFC). After joining forces with a group of prominent investors, DVFC created Solidus Capital in June 2008.

Solidus starts with over 46 years of combined investment banking experience in Colombia and abroad, and more than 90 customers advised representing valuations and transactions ranging from $1 million to $250 million.

We follow strict procedures to comply with Colombian and international anti-money laundering rules and regulations.

“Cold River”

Institutional collection, Bogotá

Alejandro Obregón, 1966


Years of



Mandates in

different industries


8 billion dollars

in business


Years of

combined experience

and processes


Historians, as allies of sometimes forgotten memories, help us remember to put everything in perspective.

Solidus Capital honors the Roman Empire's legacy, by adopting the name of its weightiest coin, the solidus. Just as the euro and the dollar are today's soundest currencies, the solidus was a gold coin that circulated for about seven hundred years until the 10th century. Behind all trade in the solidus, inside and outside the Roman Empire, there was a widespread trust in what the fundamentals of the Roman imperial economy were.

Solidus of Constantius II (Sole Emperor, 350-361), Byzantine

In Timeline of Art History

New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000

At present, the solidus has left its mark through words that derive from it in several languages, such as soldier in English, sueldo andsoldado in Spanish, soldo in Italian and sou in French.


Client first. Our client relationships and reputation are our most valued assets. By helping our clients achieve their goals we achieve ours. The client is the backbone of our business.


Solidus will strictly abide to the law and to the highest business ethics principles. Our clients and employees will indistinctively adhere to this guideline.


As we value the trust that our customers have placed in us, we correspond by carefully protecting the confidential information they have given to us.


Any Solidus employee will be an example of integrity, honesty, excellence and teamwork.


It's simple: Client First.


"None of us is as smart as all of us"

Ken Blanchard

Honesty and integrity are guiding principles for everything that we do and define our team's main value offer. Proven experience and international academic credentials heighten what every client gets from us.

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